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Manage all crypto payments for any businessneeds with XAMAX.
The lowest commission of 0.5%, easy-to-integrate API, and one wallet for everything.

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Automatic and mass crypto payments solutions
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The full list of crypto is available in personal area. Need anything else? Contact us and we will add a crypto you need.

Crypto payment services provider

We assist businesses in receiving and processing crypto payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and others. With XAMAX, you can automate crypto payments and make it easier for your customers to pay and for you to receive payments.
Forget about incredible blockchain commissions. Enjoy a low fee of 0.5% per transaction. Integrate crypto payments with your CRM via API and have all payments automated.
You can try out how XAMAX works from A to Z using virtual money to make sure that is what you need. Contact us for more information – we will be happy to help you.


What is XAMAX?
XAMAX is a crypto payments service that allows receiving and processing payments. It is a low-cost and secure solution for businesses that want to provide clients with more payment methods.You will feel the difference. No more hidden or massive commissions like it usually happens with blockchains. No more separate wallets for every cryptocurrency. One service for everything that helps automate crypto payments and make it easy.
How does XAMAX work?
XAMAX helps your business receive payments through your website, email, or SMS. XAMAX automatically creates temporary wallets for every transaction, so the main wallet stays hidden and protected. Next, XAMAX transfers funds from the temporary wallet to the main wallet as requested.
We work directly with blockchains without any intermediaries. It is secure and reliable. No matter what happens in the world and where your business locates, you always have seamless access to XAMAX technology.
Who is XAMAX for?
XAMAX is for individuals, small and large businesses who want to start accepting crypto payments. It is especially beneficial for high-risk businesses.
When choosing XAMAX, you get assistance from a team of professionals in fintech and e-commerce. We offer flexible technology that can be easily and discreetly integrated into your brand.
How can XAMAX help my business?
XAMAX can help you expand your reach and receive payments from local and global clients within a matter of seconds. It securely conducts transactions on the decentralized blockchain with low transaction fees. Also, XAMAX makes it possible to convert crypto to fiat.
How do I start accepting crypto payments with XAMAX?
The first step is registration. It is simple — just sign up and get access to all XAMAX features. We also offer a free trial.
How can I check all my transactions?
All your crypto transactions are available in your personal area. You can check them anytime.
Does XAMAX offer a free trial for crypto payments?
Yes, you can try out XAMAX and see how it processes crypto payments. The first 10 invoices are free.