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Creating auto withdrawal

If the merchant has a third-party wallet, then he can set up automatic withdrawal to the specified wallet after rotating the wallet. Rotation occurs when the amount of funds on the wallet becomes greater than the set limit. For example, the wallet limit is $2,000 in the equivalent of the wallet currency. If, after the last incoming transaction, the amount on the wallet becomes greater than $2000, then XAMAX automatically creates a withdrawal transaction from this wallet to the merchant's third-party wallet.

Estimate withdrawal

To find out the network processing fee at the current moment, you must use the query /v1/withdrawal/estimate

Mass sending

Mass sending allows the User to create and send 2 or more withdrawals at a time, in the same currency, to different wallets.

Payment Link

Payment link provide to You easy way to receive payment from the client.


XAMAX has using automatically rotation of invoicing wallets for safety of our customers.


Getting list of merchant's settings

Сallback handling

After the merchant's client has made a transaction to the wallet with the required amount, the transaction is processed by the processing side and a callback is sent to the merchant's backend.